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The Gina McReynolds Foundation

When the friends and family of Gina McReynolds (FSU Alumni) found out that she was diagnosed with breast cancer and learned of the long battle which she faced, the outpouring of sympathy and help began.

Initially, there were phone calls, heart-felt cards were sent, and well wishes were expressed. Her friends all vowed to fight this battle with her. A strong group of family friends came together to show support for her by attending cancer walks, cooking meals, and watching the McReynolds name it, someone did it. However, when the news hit that Gina's illness had spread, the group of friends knew they needed to step up the help. Hence, the Gina McReynolds Foundation was established.

In early 2012, the foundation held its first fundraising event, a golf tournament, to raise financial support for the McReynolds Family. At the 1st Annual Golf Tournament the foundation raised over $25,000 to offset some of the costs associated with Gina’s extensive travel and medical expenses required for the vital treatment to help fight this terrible disease. Sadly, in June of the same year, Gina passed away after nearly a two year battle with cancer. The founders of the Gina McReynolds Foundation have made it their overall mission to help support other families in similar situations in honor and remembrance of Gina. 

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